Secrets Restaurants wished you didn’t know


There is something about the restaurant that is mysterious isn’t it; I mean at the end of the day it is not just the food that we talk about when we leave, but the overall experience that we encounter there. Here in this list, we have compiled a list of the basic secrets you should be aware of while visiting that nice restaurant that you have always wanted to go to.

1. The wait

The wait is an important aspect to any restaurant. A good place will ensure that you never wait too long; if you have been waiting for longer than 15 minutes, then it is okay to ask your waiter about your order. If you do visit the place and it happens again then it is time that you stop visiting the place. A great place will ensure that each table is treated as the star, but most fail to do so and this can result in your docket being pushed to the back for more “important” guests.


2. Ask and be bewildered

Well if you sit at a casual dining place and look at your waiter and ask him about what is good on the menu, he or she might suggest the most generic thing possible. When you need recommendation on orders from a casual dining place always ask the manager and not the waiter. The manager is someone who knows the ins and outs of the place; the waiter on the other hand probably hasn’t even read the menu properly. Fine dining places on the other hand expect waiters to know all the dishes and to have to taste them, so asking your waiter there for a recommendation makes sense.

3. Fresh or not

Most of what you eat at a casual dining place is not fresh and that is just the reality of the market that we are in at the moment. Experts believe that almost all the breakfast places serve leftover and reheated food from the previous day and this can thus lead to a lot of health issues. So before you go to a place ensure that you have read about the place and the reviews are mostly positive. If you find something on your plate is not fresh then ask the waiter to replace it. At the end of the day the restaurant is looking to gain a customer for a while and not just someone who is passing through, so take that opportunity to be pampered.