Classification of Pipe Fittings

You will find 2 primary kinds of pipe fittings normally utilized in heating, ventilation and cooling systems; flanged and screwed. Screwed pipe fittings make use of a male as well as female thread mixture and also when screwed together tighten up to develop the joint. A flanged pipe fitting features a lip or maybe extension projecting with a proper angle to its exterior. This particular lip is bolted to the facing lip of the adjacent fitting for additional strength. Due to the power of the fitting, flanged fittings are suggested for 4-inch pipe or even larger.

Each of these pipe fittings is utilized to make short-term joints since you are able to eventually take them apart if needed. In case the joint is actually brazed, soldered or even welded the join is long lasting as the join won’t come apart. The benefit of these 2 temporary joints is the fact that it can easily be disassembled for repairs in the future.

The standard pipe fittings will be split on the foundation of the next 6 functions: enlarging or



3.Extension or even joining

4.Shutoff or perhaps closing

Makeup or perhaps 5.union


Enlarging or reducing Fittings: Both bushing & reducers are good examples of reducing or perhaps enlarging fittings. Thier feature in pipe installations is connecting pipes of various sizes. The distinction between a reducer and a bushing is distinguished by the construction. A reducer is a coupling unit with female threads at both ends. A bushing has both female and male threads on every end.

Branching Fittings: A branching fitting is utilized to participate in a part pipe on the key collection. These fittings are utilized for Tees, Crosses, Elbows with aspect outlets, Y branches as well as Return bends.

Extension of Joining Fittings: Nipples, offsets, couplings, locknuts, joints along with unions tend to be types of extension or even joining fittings. Together with the probable exception of an offset, these fittings are fashioned to join and lengthen a length of a pipe.

Shutoff Fittings: Sometimes it’s essential to close the destruction of a pipe in the system of yours. This’s achieved with a shutoff or even closing fitting and the next 2 types are utilized for Caps and plugs.

Union or perhaps Makeup Fittings: These are represented by union elbows plus union tees. This kind of fitting combines both an elbow and a union or even tee in one uni. They are available in both female and male threads to connect where needed.

Directional Fitting: Direction fittings like offsets elbows and also return bends are utilized to alter the path of a pipe. Offsets might be considered to be a kind of extension or even joining fitting due to the overlap in functionality.

A socket weld pipe fitting is used in all HVAC repair tool. Understanding the big difference between these fittings will aid you on a new HVAC job.