Things that annoying customers do


We have asked waiters from around the world to pitch in and we were able to compile a list of things that customers do that take things too far. We would actually like to take this moment to thank all the people who sent in their piece when it came to this topic and we do apologise if what you said has not been featured. We would be coming out with a similar list soon and keep your eyes open to see whether your piece is featured there.

1. Manners

There is this popular quote that goes like “Manners maketh man”; one of the most common things that waiters told us was about how difficult it is to serve rude customers. They went on to say that they can quickly identify a rude customer from a nice one, the minute they order their first dish or drink. And that no one can ever say no to a polite customer, even if they find themselves out of place. In essence waiters have informed us that a clueless polite customer is any day better than an arrogant know-it-all customer.


2. Tech obsession

There are cafes that are designed for phones and laptops to be used on the table. But a diner or a restaurant is not one such place. People take so much care about their phones, that one waiter tell us that this lady was so obsessed about her phone that she did not see her young child pour hot soup on herself. The other thing about phones is that people tend to keep it on the table where waiters are trying to place the dishes, it can get extremely inconvenient. The worst of the lot when it comes to phones and tech is to be using them while talking to waiters; it is just downright rude.

3. Tip Thief

What usually happens in a restaurant is that one person ends up paying using a credit or debit card and the other people give him their share of the bill along with the tips that is supposed to be given to the waiters. But what happens more often than not is that people who pay by card just pocket the tip money as well. It can be something that happened unknowingly, but our contributors inform us that some people do it on purpose and that it can get really annoying knowing that you can’t do anything about it.